idea, concept, choreography, performance: Agnese Bordjukova
idea, dramaturgy: Rasa Niurkaite (UK, Lithuania)
music:  Edgars Rubenis
video: Ivars Šmits
set-design: Anda Skrējāne
lights: Rainers Kornhubers
technical solutions: Kārlis Lapiņš
creative producer: Zane Estere Gruntmane
coaching:  tobias m.Draeger / draeger u.Co (GERMANY / Austria)


Produced by: PIGEON-BRIDGE, co-produced by  Anatomy of Dance , CITA ABRA
Financial support: State Culture capital foundation of Latvia, Riga City Council, The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture

Premiere: 27th of August, 2016 “Cita Abra” Culture Mills, Cīrava


Each of us has some part of our personality hidden from us. From the very first moment we start interacting with people – the society – we start learning things about them and most importantly about ourselves. Gradually we realize that not all parts of our personality are desirable and trying to stay a member of the society one tends to deny those qualities of oneself. Those qualities are being suppressed and hidden. But they do not disappear.

Jungians introduced the concept of the shadow – the part of our psyche that holds all those qualities we chose to deny. The shadow consists not only from those unacceptable parts of us that one could call negative but most importantly the shadow holds the vital energy, spontaneity and freedom we lost in the process of growing up.

Why we so easily forget our Childhood’s dreams and become just a function of the society ourselves? The individual in our society is gradually deprived of the moral decision as to how he should live his own life and instead is ruled, fed and educated as a social unit. We were interested in discovering the ways of getting to know the shadow part of ourselves in order to rediscover the freedom of living our own lives. It’s a long and difficult process but the first step is accepting your shadow. More one tries to deny that part and cultivate the “acceptable light” side, more restrain one feels – the brighter the light, the darker the shadow… How long the shadow can be denied before it takes over?