photo:  Tani Simberg

photo: Tani Simberg

By and with: Iggy Lond Malmborg
Technical solutions and dramaturgical support: Maike Lond Malmborg
Co- producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
In collaboration with : Baltic Circle Festival (Helsinki), Inkonst (Malmö)
Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Residency supported by: Nordic and Baltic Mobility programme

Guest performances is supported by Riga City Council and The State Culture Capital foundation of Latvia.
Supporters:  Lux ExpressBellevue Park Hotel Riga

Duration: 90min
Premiere: 12.11.2014, Baltic Circle Festival (Helsinki)

 b o n e r is an analysis of it self.

A motive, narrative or theme outside its own being is therefore absent – allowing instead, their traditional setting to speak.

b o n e r works under the premise that one cannot gain a sociological understanding of a situation purely through looking at human behavior, but that one must also take the objects which are enabling (and co- creating) the situation into consideration.
And as objects have such a hard time to speak, this piece will help them.

A voice is given to things, uttering their structural function and explaining their properties – through which they are being valued.
When speaking, it also gets obvious what they, the objects, make others (humans and non-humans) do. The speaking objects appear as agents in a network, which constitutes the event of the performance.

In b o n e r these agents are presented next to each other and thereby democratized; perceived as equally important, dependent and controlled by each other.The same network would also include the performer, as one agent with specific properties; its ‘humanity’. The piece highlights a devilish aspect of the solo-format and thrusts it into the foreground.

By creating a game of valuation, a structure authored by Lond Malmborg -the performance maker- using Lond Malmborg -the performer- for its purposes, he is put in a situation that oscillates between controlling and being controlled. Ultimately aiming for a state in which Lond Malmborg is reduced from being a subject that is acting, to becoming an object that is appearing and being watched.

Iggy Lond Malmborg is a freelance actor and performance maker based in Malmö, Sweden. Although Malmborg is a classically trained actor (Malmö Theatre Academy 2006-10), his pieces span over a wide range of aesthetics and styles, both solo and collaborative work. Malmborg’s main artistic interest is to use the actual situation of the performance event as a model onto which the discourse of the piece can be applied directly. In recent years, his main focus has been on the collaboration with Johannes Schmit (GER). The duo, entitled White on White, runs a performance series, comprised of six works, since 2009. The series aims to analyze the hidden methods of inclusion and exclusion that art spaces contain.