Draeger u. Co: DAILY MADNESS (AT)


Idea, choreographer: Tobias M.Draeger

Consultant: Quan Bui Ngoc/ “Les Ballets C de la B”

Consultant, music consultant: Barbara Draeger

Music: Fiona Daniel

Stage-design: Claudia Steinert, Christian Wilde, Tobias M.Draeger

Stage design creators: Theres Indermaur, Tobias M.Draeger

Playwright: Bauke Lievens

Producer: Yasamin Nikseresht

Costume consultant: Maiko Sakurai-Karner

Photo: Laurent Ziegler, Oriol Molló

Video: Benny Paya, Anselm Tröster, Wojtek Pierkiel, PingPong

Production: Draeger u. Co


Guest performance: 15th of November, 2014 

Architecture and media centre H2O 6

Financial support for the guest performance: Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonds, INTPA (International Net for Dance and Performance Austria).  

This event is made possible by INTPA – INTERNATIONAL NET FOR DANCE AND PERFORMANCE AUSTRIA of Tanzquartier  Wien with funds by BKA and BMEIA.

Partners:  University RISEBA,  Architecture and media centre H2O 6

Supporters: Maritim Park Hotel Riga,  TNT Express,  Valmiermuiža’s beer,  Tritone Studio,   Pulkvedim Neviens Neraksta, Gutenbergs print.

DAILY MADNESS is a performance like a mind map. It’s the story of a man trapped between the dark compulsion to organize the daily mess surrounding him and the desire to tear down the limiting walls of his own mind. To break out into brave, yet lonely flight. DAILY MADNESS is a quest for that spark we all felt when we were little: that feeling of freshness and freedom that we experience when fear is overruled by imagination.

„brave piece, full of life and strength of expression, filled by poetry, humour and tenderness“, E.Sperger, Vienna

„Please just follow the light. Our definition of time, space and normality are disturbed what doesn’t restrain us from laughing, enjoying and feeling“ blumiflop.blogspot.co.at

„ Beginning or development? no way, Daily madness performance is an ecstatic unique climax. It brings you to the inner claustrophobia of the self and the body, which forced them to their destruction.“ Georg Molnar/franzikreis.de, Vienna


Tobias M. Draeger is a choreographer and stage performance artist form Vienna. His works characterize a mixture of contemporary dance, cinema, new circus and visual arts. They discover his desire to create a live film on the stage without its characteristic elements. His experience in working with different kinds of techniques of circus has made a special artistic sense about object’s functionality – he makes the feeling that it is something alive, something who participates in the performance.