DATE: 10th of September, 2016
TIME:  8PM – 3Am
PLACE: Architecture and media centre H2O 6 (Durbe street 4)

“Imagine H2O 6” is like a game, a fine surgery of human and technologies. Human being can be perceived as an object of life and has the capacity to witness events and communicate with the material world around him. “Imagine H2O 6” will be a documentation of life of human beings and object. It will investigate and evaluate their symbiosis through new forms of performing art.  Is it truly possible to understand the processes and relationships of the World through these different premises? This time we will let the different objects “speak” in their language thus listen and experience it.  Let’s explore the everyday’s life of submarine world and technologies  though the with visual installation,creative workshops and a Swedish guest performance. Let’s join the boiling dances together with an experienced vinyl mixmaster and new generation of Latvian electronic music. Lets get a new touch to the processes of life.


Financial support: Riga City Council,  The State Culture Capital foundation of Latvia

Partners: Kanuti Gildi Saal (Estonia), Architecture and media centre H2O 6, Bellevue Park Hotel RigaCompensa Vienna Insurance Group UADB Latvijas filiāle, Lux Express, Embassy of Sweden in Riga, Embassy of Estonia in Riga, The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia, Pupu Maiss, radio NABA, naba KlabValmiermuižas alus, Gutenberga print. 



idea, concept, creative producer: Zane Estere Gruntmane
Consultants: Olivers Tarvids, Ģirts Ozoliņš, Sanita Bučiniece
Design: Agnija un Jānis Burmeisteri
creative and technical solutions: Paula Pļavniece, Kristīne Daukšte, Kārlis Lapiņš, Ģirts Ozoliņš, Olivers Tarvids, Antireality


CHILDREN AND ADULTS,  8PM – 11 PM Architecture and media centre H2O 6 hall

INSTALATION, CREATIVE WORKSHOPS: “THE DIALOGUES BETWEEN FISHES AND HUMANS” is going to be a research of the magical world of submarine that seems so vital and admirable to us.  Fish probably are our predecessors and can even be called our grandmothers due to the fact that the biggest part of the Globe is covered by water. Since technologies have became an integral part of our daily routine life has become more comfortable and fulfilled. However, its important to notice  whether we have have considered how much waste it has created. Has the rapid growth of technologies  changed the lives of our predecessors – fish?  And do we have to raise an awareness about it? Let’s dive into the magical world of submarine and meet our distant relatives face to face. During the event you are welcome to explore  and investigate lives of fish and the impact human beings bring to their lives.

ADULTS ages 18+, 9PM Architecture and media centra H2O 6 video hall


b o n e r is an analysis of it self. A motive, narrative or theme outside its own being is therefore absent – allowing instead, their traditional setting to speak. b o n e r works under the premise that one cannot gain a sociological understanding of a situation purely through looking at human behavior, but that one must also take the objects which are enabling (and co- creating) the situation into consideration. And as objects have such a hard time to speak, this piece will help them.

Guest performance in Riga is organized in collaboration with Kanuti Gildi Saal  and supported by Lux Express, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga. 

BOILING DANCES with the band MMMM and DJ Mixmaster AG, 11PM till 3AM Architecture and media centre H2O 6 exhibition hall.

 Music which has been heard through the centuries and has created the hits.The music which we are still listening  on the radio in a car or at home drinking tea.  Its the music that has united generations, nationalities, races and has given pleasure and sensitive emotions as well.  Let’s join the boiling dances together with vinyl mixmaster DJ AG and the new generation electronic music band “MMMM”.