Idea, concept, choreography,  performance: KRISTĪNE BRĪNIŅA
Technical solutions and support: PĒTERIS BRĪNIŅŠ, KĀRLIS LAPIŅŠ
Poster design: LINDA BĒRZIŅA

Produced by PIGEON-BRIDGE, co-produced by CITA ABRA
Financial supporter: State Culture capital foundation of Latvia

Supporters and allies: Cīravas Pagasta pārvalde, Cīrava Culture centre, Cīrava trade school, Cīrava Lutheran Church, PXB, AS “Latvijas valsts meži” , International music festival “Laba Daba”, Liepaja concerthall “Great Amber”, Ģertrūdes ielas teātris, Gutenbergs Print, Latvian Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographers’ Association, sparkling birch juices “Birzī”.

Open-air premiere: 30th of July, 2017 in Cīrava


„I feel that everyone has had a moment in life when someone else’s words expresed exactly what you thought, but hadn’t fomulated and identify it yet. That kind of experience presents a chance to encounter with yourself,” choreographer Kristīne Brīniņa.

The solo performance is based on inspiration from conductor Andris Nelsons, which choreographer Kristīne Brīniņa now calls her hero. It is just a coincidence that this years Nelsons got the prestige Grammy award.The story isn’t about one man’s success, but about person’s ability to live with open heart. Watching him in action and listening to his interviews, choreographer was deeply moved by artist’s honesty, modesty and love towards his craft.

This is not a story about professional success but about the ability to live with an open heart. Performance is shaped based on Google video interview, where conductor was interviewed by the managing director of Boston’s Symphony Orchestra Mark Volpe and also using other documental materials where Nelsons is seen in his professional act. In the performance artist’s spoken text and his body language will be used in an interaction with the expression of choreographer.

“I am a really shy person”  is about choreographer’s wish to embody into Andris Nelsons in order to create his sculpture using fantasy, movement, sound and words in hope of spotting her own potential self-portrait.  The relationship between conductor and orchestra encouraged Kristine to think about our personal movements and actions which we are using in our everyday life furthermore what kind of “sound” it can create in the society and ongoing processes around us.