Kompanii Nii: PUNG (EST)


Idea, choreography, director: Renate Keerd 

Performers: Liisa Tetsmann, Age Linkmann, Madis Mäeorg, Taavi Rei, Imre Õunapuu, Hannes-Martin Eenmaa 

Production: Kompanii Nii

Co-production: STU 


Guest performance is organized by: PIGEON-BRIDGE, Gertrudes Street Theatre

Included in series of guest-performances “Closest neighbours” in Gertrudes Street Theatre

Financial support: Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Riga’s city council, Estonian Culture Capital Foundation

Partners: Maritim Park Hotel Riga, Gutenbergs print , Valmiermuiža’s beer 


Guest performane: 5th of October, 2014

Gertrude Street Theatre


In Estonian “pung” means “bud”, but it is also the genitive case of “punk” – so it is definitely a mixture of buds and punk, plus something more. But no worries, it will all clear up during the performance. Or at least most of it. And, since in English “pung” is a synonym for “sleigh”, we kindly ask you to sit on the sleigh and ride into “pungworld”.”

The performance combines elements of physical theatre, new circus and contemporary dance. The audience experience frightening and also very surprising moments when performers play with characters and phenomenon, deformed bodies and witty remarks.

In the performances of Renate Keerd can be found untamed glamour and witticism. The characteristic elements of her work are clothes and other objects and with them she creates funny and interesting compositions of movements and that creates a whole story.