Creators, choreographers and dancers:

Anatomy of Dance: Elīna Breice, Monta Vandere, Agnese Bordjukova

and playwright Inta Balode

Production: Anatomy of Dance,  Literature and Music museum of Riga


Premiere: 14th of August, 2013

Literature and Music museum of Riga

Duration: 60 min


“Duncans – weirdoes or prophets?” is a performance-lecture, who researches personalities, art, dance and philosophical processes. It is a research about American artists, dance reformers Isadora and Raymond Duncans personalities, as well as dance and philosophies processes in the beginning of 20th century. In the research process artists looked for Isadora’s Duncan influence on the contemporary dance. Dancers during the performance are showing not only the inheritance of Duncan’s but also they follow their ideas of movements and principals. The playwright in the performance is like a dual-image. She is using the message of aesthetics and chronologic stops and also invites the spectator’s in interactive discussion.

The performance has been nominated as a „Best of the contemporary dance performance of the year“ for Latvian Theatre award „Spēlmaņu nakts“ 2013/2014.