united sorry & theatre im bahnhof: NO,NOTHING! (AT)

No, act of resistance, first subliminal reaction to something that you don’t want. Nothing, a pronoun denoting the absence of anything. Nothing is a pronoun associated with nothingness. In nontechnical uses, nothing denotes things lacking importance, interest, value, relevance, or significance. Nothingness is the state of being nothing, the state of nonexistence of anything, or the property of having nothing.

Performance: Gabriela Hiti (Theater im Bahnhof), Norbert Wally (The Base), Frans Poelstra (united sorry)
Directed by Robert Steijn (united sorry)
Styling Johanna Hierzegger, Anke Philipp
Light design Sabine Wiesenbauer

A co-production of brut Wien, united sorry and Theater im Bahnhof.
Kindly supported by Theaterfeste der Regionen 2014 and the City of Vienna’s Cultural Department.

Guest performance: 5th of September, 2015 within the annual contemporary culture forum “White Night”   in  the programme of  “Zunda hamlet” event.

Venue: “Galganberg hill” aka Architecture and media centre H2O 6 video hall 

Financial support for the guest performance:  Educational, Culture and sport department of Riga City Council, Österreichischen Botschaft Riga. 

A co-organized with  University RISEBA,  Architecture and media centre H2O 6, Free Riga, Zunda dārzs 

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Theater im Bahnhof from Graz and united sorry from Vienna start a band together called “Die Liebe, ihr Tod und sein Lebensberater” (“Love, Her Death and His Life Coach”). In their new collaboration the two performance groups venture on the most difficult issue in life: death. While examining the uncertainty of happiness in life and the fragility of their own health, this performance avoids every kind of sinister feeling because the artists embrace this “danse ma- cabre” with wild lust for life. Supported by Norbert Wally – who is the lead singer of the band The Base – the newly formed group constructs sound spheres consisting of songs, but is also in love with silence. They sing about love and life and they sigh to what comes afterwards. They know that sunshine is followed by rain. When you say yes to love, you have to welcome death as well. united sorry and Theater im Bahnhof defy all fears and desires in connection with death with a twinkle in their eyes, celebrating life in all its beauty and joy. For the end of a con- cert must be just as glamorous as its beginning!


Frans Poelstra making solo performances and working together with a variety of per- formers and companies in Vienna (among others, Andrea Maurer, Simon Mayer, schal- lundrauch agency, DanceAbility), he collaborates since 2003 with performer/writer Robert Steijn, together they form united sorry. After working more then 40 years in the field of performing arts he still tries to keep a childlike attitude towards his work, which he finds easier now since he has been getting older.

Robert Steijn directed performances at Theater der Junge Welt in Leipzig, Stefanie Oberhoff in Stuttgart, at the Symptoms in Budapest and Theater im Bahnhof im Graz. In his performances death visits often the stage as a power which transforms a situa- tion of stagnation into a new beginning. For the coming years, he plans a project called ”redefining intimacy” that will contain several duets, a theatre play, a musical, book, a movie and some appearances in galleries. This project will be developed in Mexico and in Europe.

Gabriela Hiti –  in the late 80s she has played saxophone and keyboards in several local bands. However, she has only pursued this career half-heartedly and soon made her way as actress and performer in the Theater im Bahnhof. This group of artists sees itself as a contemporary folk theater and looks into Austrian identity. With Theater im Bahnhof Gabriela Hiti was on stage in numerous theaters all over Austria and also appeared in co-productions with steirischer herbst, Wiener Festwochen, Schauspielhaus Graz and brut wien. At the moment her artistic work focuses on themes like feminism and femininity. ‚No, Nothing’ is her third collaboration with Robert Steijn.

Norbert Wally – since the early 90’s Norbert Wally has been frontman, guitarist and singer of The Base, a band with which he has – to this day – recorded eleven albums and both soundtracks and film scores. He was on the concert stage in aboutevery notable venue in Austria, including the Wiener Burgtheater. His live activities also led him to London and New York City. Norbert Wally also affiliates himself with the theater, both by his long-lived relationship to Gabriela Hiti and his attachment to the Theater im Bahnhof. For the latter he has composed and improvised music since 1996. At present he is playing in the very successful Theater-im-Bahnhof-production „Lehrerzimmer 8020“ at the Schauspielhaus Graz. Most recently he also started playing synthesizer and bass.