Idea and choreography: Elina Gaitjukevica
Choreography, performance: Elina Lutce, Liene Grava, Elina Birule, Dmitrijs Gaitjukevics, Girts Bisenieks, Kristaps Celmalnieks
Music and live performance: Kaktiņš Stūrītis  (Martins Jansons, Martins Kuzmins) 
Set design solutions: Ivars Smits 
Light designer: Rainers Kornhubers
Advice of costume designe: Kristine Daukste
Producer: Zane Estere Gruntmane

Produced by Anatomy of Dance
Co-produced by PIGEON-BRIDGE
Partners: VEF Culture palace
Supported by Latvian Culture Capital foundation 

Premiere: 2nd of June, 2015 at VEF Culture palace
Duration: 60 min 


“Return” is a story based on a human being’s mythical thinking about trust and doubt that take over in the moment when faith into yourself and confidence is not strong enough. The starting point is the chance to return. The performance is a collaboration together with the musical union “Kaktiņš Stūrītis”. The impulse of the performance can be found in the ancient greek myth about Ororpheus und Eurydike.

“Kaktiņš Stūrītis” is an instrumental duo whos beginnings can be found in year 2011 in Liepaja. Their core consisting of Marins Jansons and Martins Kuzmins. The duo has pefromed in many venues in Latvia as well as collaborated with many contemporary dancers, theratres creating musical background for play readings and also worked together with foreign video artists. The members of the duo believe that they make free form art in a fetterless gamut. They find their musical identity in industrial, social and historical sound lanes.

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