Idea, choreography, dancers: Elina Gaitjukevica, Agnese Bordjukova

Idea, dancer: Edgars Slakota

Idea, composer: Laima Jansone

Live music: Laima Jansone, Kaspars Putrins

Video: Raitis Abele

Camera: Valentins Nagibins

Sound: Arvids Augsups, Anete Vanaga

Lights: Davis Burmeisters

Set-design: Anda Skrejane

Tehnical support: Karlis Lapins, Rainers Kornhubers, Olivers Tarvids

Producer: Zane Estere Gruntmane

Production assistance: Laima Jokste, Linda Krumina, Ieva Pilina, Diana Hakova


Co-production: platform for the Nordic-Baltic contemporary dance community „kedja“

Financial support: platform for the Nordic-Baltic contemporary dance community „kedja 2012 – 2015″ , “Kedja Mariehamn 2014.

Financial support of Latvia: Latvian Culture Capital Foundation, Riga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department

Partners: “Bora Bora” (DK), Dansarena Nord (NO), University RISEBA, Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6.
Support: Tritone Studio, Gutenbergs print, Valmiermuizas alus, PXB 
Special thanks to: Danish Cultural institute, Embassy of Latvia in Finland, New Theatre institute of Latvia

Premiere: 7th of August, 2014 Mariehamn; 27th of January, 2015 Riga. 

Duration: 60 min

The “Wild Trilogy” is  a reflection of community values and the lonely and distant villages as creators of the modern human identity among the three Nordic and Baltic countries – Denmark, Norway and Latvia.

The structure of the performance is trilogy. On the basis of it there are documentations of inhabitant’s stories and daily life situations, which are complemented with the emotional impressions and observations of creative team. Every part of the performance is going to explore the main aspects that characterise and affect the identities of local people from historical, political, climatic conditions to cultural and territorial points of view.

“Wild trilogy” had started developing during the Kedja programme “Wilderness Dance”, which are unique residency opportunities for international contemporary dance artists (about a 50 artists) groups from 5 countries. It is an opportunity for artists to work, explore and create in distant regions, wild life. They get influence from environment and local residents.

“Anatomy of Dance” was guests in Denmark’s village Toftlund and in Norway’s town Hammerfest during the 2013. In 2014 the creative team on their own initiative went to Latvian East border village – Indra.