SPACE OUT: Gerald Kurdien 1999 (FR)


Concept and interpretation: GÉRALD KURDIAN

Co-production: Centre Clark (Montreal) and W2 Productions

 Support: Les Laboratories D-aubervilliers, Phillipe Quesne – Vivarium Studio, CCN De Montpellier, La Menagerie de Verre – Studio Lab


Guest performance: 6th of September 2014

Architecutre and media centre H2O 6, Riga

Included in the programme of contemporary urban culture forum THE WHITE NIGHT 2014

Partners: university RISEBA, Architecture and media centre H2O 6

Financial support: Culture Capital Foundation of Riga, Riga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department

Synchronous translation in Latvian: Linda Krūmiņa


People in 1970s had weird ideas about how would space look like in 1990s. A good example of that was science fiction TV-series “Space:1999”. Can you imagine yourself in a situation when you have to leave Earth? Could your survive in outer space? On the basis of 48 TV-series of “Space:1999”, Gerald Kurdian has created a space opera “1999” . He performs alone with a laptop, piano and different kinds of music devices.


Gerald Kurdian is a French artist, who works with different kinds of art forms – performances, video arts, music and its producing, cinema and multimedia arts. His works characterize utopia about surrealistic pop, which are full of humour, but they speak about burning questions.